Embajada en Surinam


STUDY IN ENGLISH, LIVE IN ARGENTINA This program is specially designed for undergraduate students of universities around the world who want to be immersed a semester or more in an academic experience at Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM). Classes will be enriched by getting foreign students together with Argentinean students sharing their backgrounds and upbringing. This would provide a unique multicultural learning environment with the highest academic level. Not only will students attend courses to learn Spanish but also they will be part of courses in English from different areas of the schools from which they will transfer credits to their home universities. Classes will be held at our campus located in San Martin district. Why UNSAM of all universities? Because we offer… The highest level of academic achievement Academic exchanges Community commitment Cultural activities Closeness to Buenos Aires city UNSAM is an Argentinean state university founded in 1992, which has become a leader in academic training, research, cultural development and social transformation. More than a hundred undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of fields are offered, including: Science and Technology, with degrees in the diverse subfields of Engineering, such as Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Electronic, Environmental Studies, Materials, Energy, Biomedicine, Agro-biotechnology and Industrial. Humanities and Social Sciences, including Economics, Political Sciences, Anthropology, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Local Development, and more. Arts, covering areas such as Circus, Contemporary Dance, Photography, Documentaries, Object and Puppet Theatre, Cultural Heritage, Preservation and Restoration. At UNSAM, most daily academic activities take place at Miguelete Campus. The university campus is built around the former railway lines, and it has become a privileged space for teaching, research, cultural development and social interaction among members of the UNSAM community. Most of the schools and institutes, as well as the library and the university government, are located on campus. The city of Buenos Aires is only twenty minutes away. Buenos Aires is well-known for its cultural diversity and lively atmosphere, making it one of South America's most exciting and vibrant cities. The city's history revolves around Western European immigrants, whose influences can be seen all throughout the city in its architecture, art, and style. Buenos Aires holds countless opportunities for students to experience the diverse culture of Argentina. Students can attend soccer games, world-class theatrical and dance performances, and participate in a vibrant nightlife. Many students will find themselves intrigued by the unique Argentine accent and the national dance, the Tango. www.unsam.edu.ar/studyabroad/

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