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Upcoming CELU exam (Spanish Certificate: Language and Use)

Upcoming CELU exam (Spanish Certificate: Language and Use)

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On June 2, the CELU (Certificate of Spanish: Language and Use) exam will be held for almost thirteen consecutive years in almost 50 venues distributed in Argentina, Brazil, Asia and Europe. Registration can be made through the site www.celu.edu.ar until May 22, 2017.

The CELU is the only exam officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Republic. It grants a proficiency certificate that accredits the use of the Spanish language as a second language. Two levels are accredited, Intermediate and Advanced, which attest, to varying degrees, the linguistic ability of the foreign speaker to act in academic situations or work in any Spanish-speaking country.

It is a certificate of international validity without an expiration date. At the foot of the certificate are included the level correlations with the scales of the Common European Reference Framework and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages:

CELU Intermediate: B1 / B2 of the CERF and ACTFL Advanced Low
CELU Advanced: C1 / C2 of the CERF and ACTFL Superior

Two regular examinations are organized per year. Extra examinations are also organized at the request of the venues. There are currently extraordinary dates in January, March, April and August. Results are published 45 days after the examination and certificates are issued approximately three months later.

This certification has a thirteen years track record in the evaluation, accreditation and certification of Spanish as a second language. The team that designs, implements and evaluates the CELU is in constant training. More than 6000 people have already taken the exam, and the number of entries has steadily increased from the beginning.

For more information: www.celu.edu.ar / info@celu.edu.ar

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